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The primary aim of ‘It’s Forensic’ is to demystify the captivating field of forensic science and make it accessible to everyone.

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Our blog is here to satiate your hunger for knowledge and exploration. At “It’s Forensic,” we wholeheartedly believe in the power of forensic science to unveil the truth and bring justice to the forefront.


Explore a treasure trove of knowledge with our meticulously curated blog.


Explore a treasure trove of multiple research and reports with our meticulously curated blog.


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A visionary in the field of forensic science, Shubham Kumar brings a distinctive perspective to the blogging realm. His academic background, coupled with hands-on experience, sets the stage for a blog that transcends boundaries and explores the intersections of various domains. He is graduate in the forensic science and has successfully completed his internship in Directorate of Forensic Science in Gandhinagar, Gujrat. Throughout his life, he has witnessed multiple confusions and lack of understanding about the forensic science. The motive behind the website is to provide the correct information in simpler language about forensic science.

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Embark on a journey through the riveting content of our blog, where every click uncovers a new layer of intrigue, insight, and forensic fascination. Join us as we delve into the realms of criminology, police organizations, serology, drug dynamics, toxicology, and real-life case studies—a captivating exploration that goes beyond the surface and unravels the mysteries beneath.

We meticulously cover all facets of forensic science, providing a rich tapestry that spans from the fundamentals to the forefront of cutting-edge research. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that every aspect of this captivating field is explored.

At the heart of our blog is a team of experts in the field, guaranteeing articles that are not only accurate but also at the forefront of up-to-date information. Trust in the credibility of our content as we bring you insights from those deeply immersed in the world of forensic science.

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Forensic science not only plays a crucial role in solving crimes but also contributes to prevention. By studying patterns, trends, and criminal methodologies, forensic professionals provide invaluable insights to law enforcement agencies, aiding in the development of strategies to thwart and combat criminal activities.

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Forensic science stands as a cornerstone of our society, encompassing various scientific disciplines applied to the investigation and analysis of crimes. Through meticulous examination of physical evidence, forensic scientists contribute to a deeper understanding of crime scenes, suspect identification, and the pursuit of truth in courtrooms worldwide.

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